Adrian L Thomas

Pizza, programming and cars - sometimes in that order.

The Beginning

September 06, 2021

Well, it’s been nearly 5 years since I last wrote any kind of personal blog. I’ve written several posts for employers (a few pieces on NodeJS, Golang, GitHub Actions, etc.), but I finally got my act together and put something under my own domain. I’ve been writing lots of React lately, and also Gatsby in my own time - so it felt like a good idea to start off with the Gatsby Starter Blog.

I introduced styled-components and ESLint and put something basic together (that I plan to improve over time).

I’m going to use this platform for trying out some new tooling (maybe take a look at the issues here for a sneek peak), but I’ll also write about my hobbies (see the header!).

Also, because I’m a proper Yorkshireman - this blog runs on GitHub Pages for free, with the DNS & CDN managed at Cloudflare for free. I build this blog on GitHub Actions for… free. I suppose I do pay a few quid a year for the domain…

That’s all for now!